Recent Projects

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
Portable Welding Service performed custom fabrication for Sierra Nevada at their new brewery operation in Mills River, North Carolina.

Solar Power Instillation
Portable Welding Service installed over 8,000 solar collection panels capturing 2.5 mega watts of energy.

Portable Welding Service crafted a custom aluminum jib for TIME Magazine, allowing for the creation of the only 360° Panoramic image to be shot from the spire of the iconic building in New York City. Click here to see how we worked with TIME, and click the image below to see the full project.

TIME Magazine 1 World Trade Center

Prestage Foods Inc., is a food processing facility in eastern North Carolina, which installed a 1200 unit solar thermal water heating system.

English Chapel Bridge & Portable Welding Service, Inc.

English Chapel Bridge Timelapse

English Chapel Bridge Image Gallery

Wilson Art International & Portable Welding Service, Inc.

Wilson Art International & F-6 Press Time-lapse.

Wilson Art International & F-6 Press Image Gallery